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People often ask me how to to get started in IT or how to move up within their organization.

I've been in IT for 15 years and started off at the bottom. I've worked my way up to become a Senior Engineer and mentored folks over the years. I want to help you plan the next step in your journey.

I've created an eBook that has all the lessons I've learned about IT and how to succeed. From certifications, applying for jobs, to resume tips.

The Making IT Happen Podcast discusses career paths, individual journeys and all things IT.


With this guide, you’ll be able to dive in and explore IT with low risk to your financial future. You will find out if IT is for you and be ready to plan your next step.

When you’ve finished this guide, you’ll have all the knowledge to tackle the IT industry and succeed long term.

You can Download the book and pay what you want or buy me a coffee to support this project from the links below.


In this episode I discuss the career path and look at lessons learned in IT from the InfoSec Monkey himself- Manny Fernandez.

Manny is an InfoSec practitioner, Networking Junky, Blogger, Freemason, and all about giving back to the community. He currently is a Team Lead in the Systems Engineering team at Fortinet.

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About me

I grew an interest in technology at a young age. I remember playing and tinkering with computers while growing up. After high school I decided to attend a vocational school to learn more and gain knowledge in the IT industry.

My first position was a PC Technician for Dell performing break/fix repairs on hardware. This wasn't the most glamorous job and didn't pay much but it was enough to help me land a job as a NOC Technician. During that time I continued to study and earn certifications. One day my company announced they were outsourcing my department. I never imagined this was the best thing that could have happened. I moved onto corporate IT and ultimately landed in consulting.

After becoming a Senior Engineer, many people began to ask to me for advice on how to move up within their team and what training + certifications they should go after. I've been a mentor and helped countless people create their own path forward in IT.

I've also been active in the hiring process at several of my employers and clients. I have a unique perspective and have participated in interviews and reviewed thousands of Resumes.

My mission is to help you apply for your next job, move up within your organization, and succeed long term.

I wish you all the best!

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